Head in the clouds and bacon butties at 4am

Our youngest TAD woman yet, Tyler age 12 talks adventure:

Touching the clouds

Touching the clouds

“I have been on many adventures since I could walk. My first inspiration came from watching Dora the Explorer. I used to love it when my family use to take me out on our version of a Dora Adventure, kitted up with an explorer hat, a teddy monkey from the program and most importantly a home-made map (specially made for me by mum, nanny and auntie). At that time I was only 18 months old. I remember that half a mile felt like 5 miles. I have had many adventures since. For example, canoeing, indoor rock climbing and hiking since the age of 3. Also I have represented my school in running and football. At school I love P.E. My favourite sports are rugby and rounders. The people who have had a big influence on me and encouraged me are my family (my nanny, auntie, mum but not forgetting the men, grandad and my uncle).

One of my favourite adventures was when I climbed Pen-y-Ghent for my 10th birthday. This was my first proper hill climb, it felt like a mountain. I felt amazing, the first time being inside a cloud, feeling like you were at the top of the world not being able to see anything but the bit you were standing on, like nothing else existed. One of the big things I remembered was how cold it was but that was the fun of it. The experience of a life time. I go on adventures and do challenges because of the achievement after you have done it.

My first 60ft climb

My first 60ft climb

I once did a 10 mile walk at midnight with my nanny. We finished at 4am in the morning and sat on a kerb eating a bacon butty. Although I was really tired I was very pleased I made it through the night. I slept well that day that’s for sure. I wanted to do it to raise money for St Leonards Hospice. This was a charity that helped my granny when she was ill so I like raising money for it so they can go on to help other people who need it and for the families who could lose someone they love. In a few weeks I am once again doing the midnight walk with my nanny. I am looking forward to doing it again and eating a bacon butty at the end. Adventure in sport will always be a big part in my life because it makes me happy and I find it fun.

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