Head Torches & Finding the Friday Feeling

The way Viv talks about wild camping will make wish you were spending Friday night under the stars:

I have realised over the years that generally the plans that seem least sensible are often those that make me smile most – you know the ones that make the majority of people look a bit puzzled, wondering why you would do that strange and unconventional thing instead of going to a the pub like everyone else.Picture1

Thankfully I have found a few friends that know exactly why, that feel equally free and happy and connected to the world when heading out to the hills with a tent and some food (and one with a camelback of wine) on a Friday night.

We walked up a big hill filling our lungs with fresh air, watched the most beautiful sunset filling our hearts with awe, and ate and drunk together filling our bellies with a random selection of tasty treats. We ran around in the dark jumping from stone to stone, and we messed around with head torches inside the tent until the photographer in the group got the right light for his shot. We talked about the week and how strangely this felt more like ‘home’ than home sometimes. One friend had been feeling quite down, and suddenly there she was with a wide smile and bright eyes, back with a feeling of hope and a spirit of adventure again.

Picture2In the morning we found a new route down, heading back to reality, but with the whole weekend ahead of us. I think of that Friday night more than most, a secret night out that most will never know. I hope it will be the first of many.

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