Adventure, Girls Weekender and the Police

Braving an early morning, a long day in the hills and managing to avoid the police from interrupting our plan for a large post run pub meal, our girls weekend meant, not only did some of us learn new tent pitching skills (me!) but also that it’s really great to spend time with other women who love the freedom and fresh air which comes with playing outside.

In the spirit of a group outing, we’re sharing our weekend fun:

Hannah: “8 of the Harrier Belles (from Holcombe Harriers running club) set out for a day in the Dales. We were missing a few of our buddies, but they were with us in spirit. We set off in the damp low cloud but seemed to pretty quickly reach the top of our first Peak. Along with the first bit of insider knowledge from Claire…Gent means wind. And wind, cloud and no visibility is what we got at the summit of Pen-Y-Gent. Quick photo and down we went with a great run on the decent and on to the prolonged drag to Whernside. Quick stop for a snack at Ribblehead and Claire’s next piece of info that the viaduct is in Harry Potter. It was a pretty frustrating tramp up Whernside with joining the lemmings on a very busy day- finally our second peak was done with a better view from the top. After a quick photo and a random alternative for “say cheese” from our photographer…who knew “electric sex” was the way to go, hey!!


Down we went. With shouts of “runners on the right” and alternative tracks found to break away from the troops of stompers. Claire’s local knowledge meant we all soon knew that this is the setting and home place of the Mr Men and we could absolutely see it. However childhood talk moved on to Postman Pat which meant the tune was firmly lodged in my brain. Grrr.

Time for a water refuel a lemonade ice lolly and a pint of juice and off to our last peak, Ingleborough. Probably the steepest stomp, Carmen split and took a speedy scramble. Meanwhile Jo was keeping the area clean making sure the dog walkers were taking responsibility. We all wanted to say it but she still did it with a smile. Zoe took us to the final trig point and past the crowds. It was blimmin’ windy, cold and no sight of the scenery. Time to get down and then we found Nicola who had come to meet us. Shattered legs (personally) and back to Horton. All done. 25 miles. Moving time 6hrs 30. Followed by a life and death shower, bitey bitey midges and an interesting pub experience. Sharing stories and a fab end to a fantastic day with the ladies. I learnt a lot about these lovely lot I only normally get an hour or so a week with. Let’s organise another one soon please!”

Nicola: “Unable to start with the Harriers I made my way to Yorkshire on Saturday afternoon. I was a little apprehensive as I’d never been walking (other than little pootles) or camping without the safety net of company. I dusted off my map reading skills & set towards Ingleborough to try & meet up with the Harriers at the top. It was actually really refreshing walking alone & all my appreciation blew away with the breeze. I had some time to clear my head but also met lots of friendly, tried faces as they were finishing their 3 Peaks challenge. I spotted the Harriers about half an hour from the top as they came charging towards me. Considering how far they come, they all looked fresh faced & were full of beans. I joined them on the route down & shared stories, getting to know each other.

Within an hour or so we were back in the village with the Harriers having completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks! Back at the camp site we got set up & enjoyed a well-earned beer before heading off to the pub for refuelling. I had a really lovely weekend & will definitely be doing it again. I’m also going to make the point of venturing out on my own more too!”


Carmen: “After plenty of chat and running we hobbled our way to the local pub, a few drinks later we happily tucked into our meals, some of us balancing our plates on our knees in the squash. Not an easy feat on tired legs. Luckily we hobbled just quick enough to get our meal before the immigration police arrived and further food was cancelled- far more excitement on a Saturday night than we were expecting. I can’t wait until we organise another weekend- all inspired now albeit in a tired way”

Renee: “I’d love to do it again, though will have to wait till I can walk, never mind run, sore legs ooch!!”

Jo: “I felt fine yesterday…..turns out I was totally lulled into a false sense of security! Sideways stairs today!!”

Carolyn: “Home, showered, glass of bubbly. It was such a great day. I had a fab time, thoroughly enjoyed every minute, bring on the next challenge!”

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