Adventure socks, shoes or sunglasses?

Is there one thing which just makes you feel ready for adventure? Have you got a trusty compass, the perfect pair of socks or favourite top? A battered pair of sunglasses really epitomises adventure to Carmen- what’s your ‘I’m ready for adventure item’?

Seeing as we’re all adventurers together, I’ll let you know my guilty secret… I’m emotionally attached to a pair of sunglasses. Of course, these aren’t just any pair of sunglasses these are the ones which mean adventure is sure to follow! Nothing special to look at because they’ve been dropped, stamped on, chipped and repaired more than a few times in the past 6 years or so, but blimey we’ve done some miles and had some fun along the way.

I’d been on the lookout for the perfect pair for a long time, and these little beauties caught my eye in a specialist mountain bike store- admittedly there are questions to be asked about why someone who lives in fear of being on a mountain bike (the downhill really freaks me out) was in the store in the first place. Anyways, we found each other, the perfect fit even after jumping up and down in the store with my eyebrows near to the floor: practicing just in case I ever decide to run that way.Up to April 2015 001 (2)

I put them on and feel super powered- who needs a cloak of steel! They keep me focussed when I’m racing and let me enjoy the view when I’m not. They’ve kept me from going snow blind on long winter days, saved me from the glare of the sun and stopped the rain from blocking my way. Sometimes, on bad days, they’ve even hidden my tears where I’ve fallen or lost my nerve part way through something silly.

My armour, a lucky charm. We’ve been through a lot together, sometimes lost, other times running into the night and back out through dawn. The chips are starting to make it a little tricky to see in certain lights, but I still cling on and keep my fingers crossed every time I put them on, that it won’t be the last time we head out to the hills together.

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